I invite you to step into a warm and exhilarating world. A world where you can relax and quietly slip away for some romance in Paris or endlessly explore yourself through astrology.

Dive inside and find Ring of Truth, a novel of two soulmates who cross the ages and rediscover each other in 1860s Paris. There now as lovers, Martine Raymond and Alain Mourot remember to honor an ancient vow to free themselves from bondage.

Here you may also liberate yourself through the timeless and miraculous art of astrology. The natal chart you were divinely blessed with is a veritable blue print for your life. It is nothing short of a map outlining your life path, greatest gifts and highest potential, as well as areas of challenge. Together we can explore the limitless tools your chart offers for a wealth of self-understanding. With increased personal awareness, you will have the necessary direction to take control of choices and opportunities crossing your path that lead to a more effective, satisfying and rewarding life.

So curl up and discover the delicious worlds awaiting you.